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our values:

ethical sourcing

Our goal is to source as many materials as possible from fair trade and eco-conscious suppliers. While we have lots of room for improvement, we currently:

  • use recyclable and repurposed packaging when sending out orders; we source eco-friendly packaging from EcoEnclose and Packing Penguins

  • buy most of our craft fair decor second-hand

  • order our custom stickers from Sticky Brand, who prints with Greenguard gold certified, eco-solvent ink, and uses recyclable backing paper​


We love that plastic offers so much creative freedom when designing our products, but aren't wild about its impact on mother earth. While we are well on our way to removing single-use plastics from our business, plastic is still central to our product design due to its versatility (so many shapes and colors!) and kid-friendly nature (being both durable and affordable).

Today, the market doesn't offer affordable and accessible options for eco-friendly plastic beads. We hope to change that! As we grow and build our capacity to impact the market, we'd love to partner with a fair-trade or US based manufacturer to produce custom beads made from recycled or bio-based plastic. And our big picture dream would be to change the market, so those eco-friendly options are easily available to other small businesses as well.

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