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designing products for creative daredevils

 At Mosstower Studios, we want our work to make you feel seen and celebrated, and to empower you to showcase your one-of-a-kind interests, personality, and style.

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our story

Image: Emily posing with her first mural in 2022

Mosstower Studios was founded in 2022 by Emily Seaman, a designer, painter, & textile artist with a background in nonprofit marketing. When not creating earrings, Emily loves doodling obscure wildlife, embroidering without a pattern, and creating abstract watercolors that evoke movement and place. Check out some of Emily's creative work here. (And when she isn't creating art, Emily can be found geeking out about dinosaurs and taking care of her many houseplants and cats.)

In addition to running Mosstower Studios, Emily works as a freelance designer and brand consultant, and we'd love to chat with you about possible projects and opportunities to work together!


Zoology • Science Fiction • Dance • Animal Welfare • Mental Health • Gardening for Beginners • Dinosaurs • Artist Collaborations - drop us a message if you have any ideas!

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our values


Our goal is to source as many materials as possible from fair trade and eco-conscious suppliers. While we have lots of room for improvement, we work to implement better business practices as often as possible. 


You can read about our current efforts and long-term goals here.


We donate 5% of our profits to community organizations who are working to build a better world. Learn more.


Our goal is to hire at least 50% of our vendors and contractors from BIPOC, immigrant, or LGBTQ+ owned companies. We believe all contractors should be paid a fair, equitable, living wage.


We believe that small businesses and entrepreneurs are essential to our community - creating jobs, testing out bold new ideas, and pushing our culture forward in terms of equity and social consciousness. At Mosstower, we work to foster opportunities to collaborate with other artists and re-invest in our community.

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Welcome to the Mosstower community!

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